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Are you ready for your Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy session?

By visiting your true spiritual home, and reconnecting with your soul self, you will have access to the clarity and wisdom that you carry deep within your super conscious mind.  Accessing this aspect of self will provide you with the breakthroughs needed to get beyond what is blocking you in life.

About Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy is an advanced and specialized form of deep hypnotic trance where you as the client are guided by Nora to access soul memories. These sessions are useful for individuals interested in exploring a deeper understanding of life, life challenges, and the deeper questions in life regarding:

Your Life’s Purpose

Where you go when you die

Near Death Experiences

Why life is unfolding as it is in your life

* The memories of your soul’s life in between incarnations are stored within your being but the conscious filter of the human mind prevents awareness of them in a fully wakeful state. As a human being, the brain must select the important information we need to live our lives on a daily basis. However, the inner voice of your highest self is always there to guide you. Through these profound and life changing sessions, I will guide you on a journey of connecting with that voice and to the higher realm of your soul’s consciousness.

Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy sessions can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Activate inner peace
  • Gain insight and understanding about difficult life challenges
  • Gain clarity, empowerment and meaning around all of your relationships
  • Understand your personal process and resolve grief
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Create movement through stuck emotions
  • Create meaning for your life
  • Connect with your life purpose
  • Align with your highest self and the true essence of your being.

* Life Between Lives® hypnosis sessions are guided upon the works and research of Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of the Afterlife and Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy. Dr. Newton regressed over 7,000 individuals into this deep state of hypnosis after a unique experience he had while practicing psychotherapy with a client in the 1960’s.

You may be interested in reading Journey of Souls prior to your session but this is not required.

* Individuals experience Life Between Lives® sessions with specific questions about their lives, ranging from life challenges to various experiences, relationships, health, life purpose and even body selection. This process is client-centered, meaning you will be guided to lead the way. I strongly believe it is you who holds the answers within and my role is to help facilitate your connection with your highest self to receive the understanding you have come for. Of course, there are no guarantees as to what information you will receive but in my experience, individuals receive what it is they most need to know at this time in order to navigate their lives with greater understanding. This will enable you to live your life purpose in a meaningful way.

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Are you ready for your life between lives hypnotherapy session?

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