Energetic Healing

 Resonance and Balance

Energetic healing through chakra clearing and balancing by direct hands-on contact allows a person to initiate their own personal healing process to energize, fortify and enhance their current healing response. This method integrates her own intuitive, channeling and distant healing abilities with methods learned from seminars in Brennan Healing Science, Psychic Horizons in San Francisco, California, and Shemanic Healing techniques from North Carolina based Maryphilis Horn.

While in session, Nora channels the universal energy that surrounds us and delivers it directly to the client at various receptive locations on the human body, which includes the primary chakra system, and energy bodies. Nora’s unique method incorporates vibrational or vocal toning to assist in the alignment of balance and optimal health, leaving clients with a sense of tranquility and well being.

What Is Energy Healing?

All life is energy. Human beings are included into that universal truth. The human chakra system or “wheels of life” (translated from Sanskrit) are major structures that comprise the human energetic field. This field permeates and penetrates our human body at all times. This field is often referred to and seen by some as the aura or auric field.
There are seven primary chakras that Nora works with in her healing practice. These Chakras feed and energize the auric field which is directly related to our mental, spiritual, psychological, and ultimately physiological health. When the stress of our daily life impacts us negatively, our sensitive chakras respond and can become blocked. These blockages disrupt healthy energy flow, which impact how the body works and functions. Energetic healing clears the chakras of blockages in the chakra system that negatively impact physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

Energetic healing creates an overall sense of well being and relaxation and clears the mind of unwanted thoughts. It also creates an amplification of love and positive energy in your auric field.

Energetic healing is a terrific way to reduce the stress that compromises our immune system and can even impact our outlook on life. It helps to balance and energize the chakras, which greatly enhances overall health. There is no better way to receive the loving kindness of a hands-on-healing session and create the relaxation needed to reboot your system.

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