Healing With Color

Healing With Color By: Nora Yolles-Young, C.Ht. www.essentialhealing101.com www.healingeffortlesly.com   With all this talk out there about cleansing, purifying and purging ourselves of the last vestiges of the 3rd dimensional reality or as they refer to in the Law of One material, third Density, it’s tough to get any relief from the continual energetic onslaught(…)

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*Empowerment Tip of the Week * May 12-19, 2014

Recognizing Mastery in Your Childhood When we are young children, we have no doubt who we are. Over time, and after many put-downs and critiques obscure that pure and easy confidence, joy and trust in self. Today’s tip is about remembering that empowered time. Tip: Recall a time in your childhood when you were fearlessly(…)

Your Role as a Game Changer Pt.3

 Leadership Do you consider yourself a game changer or  leader? Why or why not? It’s common for people who haven’t been in positions of leadership to find it difficult to imagine themselves in positions of power or authority. First, let me preface that statement by saying leadership need not represent a position of dominance. In(…)

Your Role As a Game Changer Part 2

Moving Past Wounding Wounding or victimhood is something that’s very real in the human experience. Moving beyond wounding is an essential step on the road to your evolution and unfoldment as an empowered sovereign being or game changer. The depth of pain and sorrow one must overcome is not a walk in the park. It’s(…)

Your Role as a Game Changer Pt.1

You are a Game Changer If you find yourself reading this post, then I assert, whether you know it or not, you’re a game changer. Before you were born you understood and were fully aligned and confident with your capacity to handle the lifetime that you were about to embark upon. Coming to this planet,(…)

11 Stepping Stones to Your Magnificent Life

1. Learn how to look at challenges as adventures 2. Look at your future as unlimited in it’s potential 3. Learn how to TRUST yourself and how you are conducting your life. 4. Learn how to eradicate FEAR 5. Become an optimist 6. Turn complaints into opportunity 7. See mistakes as forgivable stepping stones to(…)

Career Camouflage – A Lightworkers Guide to Finding Joy in a Job You Hate. Part 3

Being a being of light has its perks. Did you know that you actually ARE a being of light? Research by Dr. Fritz Popp, a German biophysicist, has actually clarified quite impressively that literally trillions of photons are working intelligently with your body in all aspects of your life.  Cool right!? You can use this(…)

Career Camouflage – A Light Workers Guide to Finding Joy in a Job You Hate. Part 2

  Next suggestion: Disengage from the drama! One of the reasons you maybe getting negative feedback, or get whispered about behind your back, or are thought of as the odd ball – misfit in the group, is because you are! BUT in a good way. Your higher vibrational frequency can be discordant to those of(…)

Career Camouflage – A Light Workers Guide to Finding Joy in a Job You Hate. Part 1

This post goes out to the Light Workers who increasingly find themselves caught between two worlds. The corporate or Joe Job and their passion and calling – the service of the Light Worker. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, since it was not long ago that I too had(…)