Past Life Regression

Deja Vu or Past Life Memory?

Whether you are trying to put the puzzle pieces of life together, want to know about your soul’s journey or you’re curious, past life regression can be a powerful life changing experience.

 “Nora Yolles-Young — in her astute, professional practice of past-life regression hypnosis (PLR) — breathes life into the hallowed words of Emerson and deftly guides her clients safely down through the whitewater labyrinth of multiple reincarnation existences. It is her gift: an archeology of the soul. With Nora’s expert craft, we together laid out the rich, multidimensional matrix of a number of my heart-familiar soul manifestations to examine and interpret the past and present (and future?) and their connective, interactive influences.

On reflection, my multiple lives seem to be quantum-attached drops of water in a circular soul river that flows omnipresent and eternal across all space and time. Two hours with Nora in PLR is worth a thousand hours of conventional couch therapy. Get on the raft with Nora and float down The River to the Source. Enjoy the trip!”

— J.R., Chapel Hill, NC

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